Let's break it down!
4 months before you get married come and see us! Here's why:

  • Let's say your wedding is mid-Sept
  • RSVP Date is Mid-August  (4 weeks before the wedding)
  • Invitations need to go out Early July (4-6 weeks before that)
  • You need to come and see us by mid-May to early-June (but no later than that!)

Some things to consider!

  • Depending on the time of year (December/January), there's lots of Christmas parties, and people go on holidays, so you want to give them enough notice - the sooner the better (before they book to go away) 
  • Same with DESTINATION WEDDINGS - give your guest's ample time! They might want to save for your wedding and include a holiday, so booking flights and accommodation - give them plenty of time (upto a year isn't a bad idea!)
Depending on the invitations you've chosen.
Foil printing: 3 weeks (Rush jobs can be done in 2 weeks, but may incur a surcharge)
Laser cut stationey: 4 weeks minimum.
From October and up to the end of January, delays can be expected. To avoid disappointment (or surcharges), please don't leave your order to the last minute.
Not at all!  All designs are interchangeable! Every invitation is available in any colour eg:  if you've seen an invite on our website in a square design, but want it in a business size - we'll do it that way for you.
The same goes with the colour of an invite or ribbon - if you see it in black, for example, but want it in ivory, - you can have it in ivory!
Not at all!  We design and create everything from invitations right through to your thank you cards and EVERYTHING in between! In a nutshell, we can design and create your:
  • RSVP's (incl matching envelope with yournominated return address)
  • Wishing Well / Accommodation Information / Map
  • Order of Service / Church Books
  • Seating Chart
  • Place cards
  • Menus
  • Seating Chart
  • Welcome signs
  • Bomboniere tags
  • Thank you cards (incl matching envelope)
  • Tri-fold - menu/table number/guest names/thank you message
...whatever other requirements you have, we are happy to accommodate your needs and requirements.

Consider it done!  If you see a design with a flower/bow/ribbon etc, and you don't want it there, it doesn't have to be there!  On the other hand if you see a design that doesn't have an embellishment, and you'd like it on your invitations, we'd be more than happy to incorporate it into your design.
We're located in Blakehurst (a suburb between Hurstville and Tom Ugly's Bridge that takes you to Sylvania). As we work from a home-based studio, we're don't publish our address, however, upon confirmation of your appointment on the day, we'll TXT you and give you our address on the day.
Don't let distance be a problem!  We have successfully worked with couples that we've never met in Qld, WA, NT, and VIC.
We can send you a whole lot of photos and discuss your options, if necessary, we can mail you sample swatches of papers and ribbon colours.
Thankfully invitations are not fragile, so they travel easily in the mail without getting damaged.

Absolutely!  We've made invitations in Greek, Croatian, Italian, Hebrew, Vietnamese, we recently did some invitaitons in Mandarin! You just need to provide the wording to us in a .doc format and we'll do the rest.
A rough estimate is HALF of the amount of guests you plan to invite.
If you plan to invite 150 guests, you'll need about 75-80 invitations. (This allows for families and couples). Don't forget to calculate between 5-10 extra invites to accommodate any last minute guest.
With letterpress invitations, and custom-laser invitations, we can't get an extra 5 if you're short! Double/triple check your guestlist.
It depends on what you order - letterpress/foiled and laser invitations we recommend a minimum of 50 (we have done less - 30 - but from an economical point, we recommend 50)
But come and have a chat with us and let's see what we can do for you! We recently completed an order for someone who only needed 8 invitations!
We don't want to railroad you into purchasing items you don't need.  You only pay for what you need.  However you can expect a discount when you order all your stationery from us.  Our "Pocket Style" invitation includes the invitation, and 2-3 inserts of your choice (this can be the RSVP, Accommodation Info, Kitchen Tea, Tea Ceremony or something of your choice that your guests should be informed of).
Of course you can!  A sample invitation is $25 and will have generic wording.  
When you go ahead with your order, we will deduct this $25 from your order.
Because we work from a home-based studio, you'll appreciate why we work by appointment only - we're happy to make your appointment for after work (Monday-Thursday's usually around 7:30pm) and on Saturday's (2pm), provided we don't have family commitments ourselves. You can call (0421 01 44 46) us or email us to book an appointment with the details on our Contact page.
And finally...
PLEASE NOTE THAT ALL OUR DESIGNS ARE SUBJECT TO COPYRIGHT LAWS All designs and ideas remain the property of THE INVITATION STUDIO and may not be used unless commissioned to V GIACOMAZZI or THE INVITATION STUDIO.
To purchase any of our designs:  wedding stationery, greeting cards, or accessories, does not constitute the right reproduce our work.